• Through Challenging There Is Perseverance

    Leah Davis / July 16, 2018

    Look at this handsome face. It’s hard to believe that one year ago today this guy was coming off ECMO. The story from a year ago today is actually one of the most unbelievable... Read More

  • Feeling The Love

    Leah Davis / July 15, 2018

    What an incredible day! A beautiful day among wonderful people. We really had no idea what to expect - but today’s event far exceeded expectations. It was amazing to be surrounded by friends, family, coworkers... Read More

  • Join Us As We Make New Memories

    Leah Davis / July 14, 2018

    Tomorrow’s the day and we’re hoping you’ll join us! We’re turning our terrible memory into a wonderful event. Help us celebrate the gift of life, allow us to thank you for your continued support,... Read More

  • High Highs And Low Lows

    Leah Davis / July 8, 2018

    While our intention is not to relive the rollercoaster from last year, there are a handful of stories we feel more compelled (and comfortable) to share now that life is not as scary. In the... Read More

  • Join Us For A Toy Drive

    Leah Davis / July 8, 2018

    Friends! Don’t forget to join us one week from today (Sunday, July 15th) at Del Mar Trails park. Stop by or come and stay, we’ll be there from 9am - 12pm! Food, bubbles, face painting, glitter... Read More

  • The Days Are Long And The Hours Are Hard

    Leah Davis / July 7, 2018

    One would think that a child nearly dying in your arms would be the worst of the story. For us, that was just Day 1. The subsequent week for us, a year ago, was... Read More

  • New Year, New Story

    Leah Davis / July 4, 2018

    The gravity of our experience hits us in a lot of different ways. Today we made a point to deliver some goodies to Station 24 as a thank you. Unintentionally, our timing put us... Read More

  • 4th Of July Has A Whole New Meaning

    Leah Davis / July 4, 2018

    What a year it has been. We spent many hours, days, weeks, months, unsure we would see this day again as a family of four. Fourth of July will forever be changed in our... Read More

  • Turning A Terrible Memory Into Good Deeds

    Leah Davis / June 16, 2018

    We cannot believe that we are coming up on a year since Blake’s incident at the park and start to this wild ride. To make something positive out of it, we are planning a... Read More

  • Late Nights And Happy Tears

    Leah Davis / May 8, 2018

    This is what 3:30am looks like. What you can’t see is my heart bursting with joy and happy tears falling down my cheeks. Since we got home last week, Blake has had a cannula... Read More

  • Unexpected Gift Brightens Our Day

    Leah Davis / May 6, 2018

    Two weeks ago, before our recent whirlwind, we received this really thoughtful and unexpected gift. Each day we watch these flowers grow and enjoy the life they bring to our patio. The message and... Read More

  • Back Home

    Leah Davis / April 30, 2018

    Reunited and home together. Thank you for the continued support. ❤️ Read More

  • Another Bump In The Road

    Leah Davis / April 29, 2018

    Aaaaaand, we’re back. We were told that Blake will likely spend his life in and out of the hospital, and that the CVICU would be our home away from home. Rob and I have... Read More

  • Our Real Life Superheroes

    Leah Davis / April 22, 2018

    Today, we thought we’d give some thank yous to a few people that helped Blake in desperate times. This birthday would not have been possible without these “strangers” being there for us. So off... Read More

  • Blake Turns Two!

    Leah Davis / April 21, 2018

    Man, how we hoped and prayed to see this day (and many more). Today this special soul is TWO!!! His spirit illuminates the world around him and he amazes us daily. Through all the... Read More

  • Life Lessons

    Leah Davis / April 2, 2018

    A few days ago a woman shared with me her belief that during each person’s lifetime they serve as a student and teacher to those around them. She said, “Perhaps Blake entered this world... Read More

  • Energy Matters

    Leah Davis / February 18, 2018

    For 7-8 weeks we didn’t know if our son was going to survive. It took more than modern medicine. It took something larger that we will likely never fully comprehend, but will be forever... Read More

  • Positive Energy

    Leah Davis / January 19, 2018

    I rarely take quizzes like this, but when this one showed up in my feed I thought, “Let’s see what 2018 has in store...” The many possibilities flashed rapidly, but when paused I got:... Read More

  • “Covering Young Heads To Heal Young Hearts”

    Leah Davis / January 3, 2018

    Starting the year off with some #gooddeedsforblake! 2018 is going to be focused on positive change for our family, and what better reminder than to see it in the mirror. Thank you to Sarita... Read More

  • Captured Moments

    Leah Davis / December 28, 2017

    A big thank you to Amber Brockman Gattas for taking some priceless pictures of our special lil man. We appreciate all of your support and everything you’ve done #forblake. Read More

  • Family Is The Greatest Gift

    Leah Davis / December 25, 2017

    Appreciating that the best gifts don’t come in boxes. Merry Christmas to you all. Read More

  • When Strangers Become Family

    Leah Davis / December 23, 2017

    On 4th of July, when our nightmare began, our family was alone at the park. It felt like a movie scene to somehow be in the middle of an overcrowded suburbia and yet see... Read More

  • Miracles Happen To Those Who Believe

    Leah Davis / December 14, 2017

    We believe in miracles ❤️ Read More

  • Thanksgiving At The Zoo

    Leah Davis / November 23, 2017

    Thankful to spend our Thanksgiving with this incredibly supportive crew. We made it a special day and dinner for Blake and Scarlett at the San Diego Zoo. ? Read More

  • Thanksgiving Thoughtfulness

    Rob Davis / November 22, 2017

    I asked someone if they had big thanksgiving plans and their response was. "I had some unexpected expenses come up so not doing much." I reply "hang on, don't leave I will be right back." Read More

  • Station 24, Thank You

    Leah Davis / November 21, 2017

    How do you properly thank the people that helped revive your baby? We don’t know, but we wanted to try. Our family delivered some treats, told our story and shed some tears. First responders... Read More

  • Good News To Share

    Leah Davis / November 17, 2017

    We’ll trade some of your good energy for some good news! We’ve shared that we have a lot of appointments, well... Blake is followed by (ready for this?) cardiology, pulmonology, ontalaranolgy/ENT, opthamology, gastroenterology, hematology,... Read More

  • Thank You For A Wonderful Event

    Leah Davis / November 13, 2017

    Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday and for all of your support #forblake. What a wonderful event and opportunity to hug so many of you. A turnout of more than 150 was... Read More

  • It’s Almost Showtime

    Leah Davis / November 8, 2017

    FOUR MORE DAYS to say YES! Come join us for the private showing of Moana this Sunday 11/12. We have a wonderful crowd already on the list, but there is still room in the... Read More

  • Join Us For A Movie Event!

    Leah Davis / November 1, 2017

    Friends – You’re invited! If you haven’t seen this special movie event coordinated by my sister – please read! Mark your calendar for Sunday, 11/12 at 3pm (arrive by 2:30), bring your family and... Read More

  • A Halloween For The Books

    Leah Davis / October 31, 2017

    Thankful for a memorable Halloween with our littles. Inspired by Isaac, the recycle man, we proudly present the cutest Waste Management team ever. Happy Halloween! Read More

  • Our Favorite Little Pumpkins

    Leah Davis / October 30, 2017

    Feeling pretty lucky this year to have had both of our pumpkins at the patch. Read More

  • Sibling Love

    Leah Davis / October 29, 2017

    It would be safe to say these two have a special relationship, even at their young age. Tonight though, Scarlett brought tears to my eyes. While snuggling our little girl who just turned three last... Read More

  • Old Wall Brings New Meaning

    Leah Davis / October 23, 2017

    We have passed by this wall for years, and yet it was as if we rediscovered it again for the first time. #forblake #gooddeedsforblake "Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness.... Read More

  • Half Birthday, Full Smiles

    Leah Davis / October 21, 2017

    Guess who’s a year and a half today? This guy. Read More

  • So Much Love For The Rady’s Team

    Leah Davis / October 20, 2017

    There aren’t enough THANK YOUs for everyone who helped us, or who made a difference in the lives of others and who continue to help create positivity in our world, but #forblake, we plan... Read More

  • Do You Know CPR?

    Leah Davis / October 17, 2017

    You might not think you're qualified, even if you've been trained, but someday you might be someone's only chance to survive. Today we got our Adult & Pediatric First Aid, CPR and AED certification. It... Read More

  • Two Families Forever Bonded

    Leah Davis / October 13, 2017

    We'd like you to meet Carson and the O'Neill family. San Diegans, you may have seen them on the news. They were admitted to Rady's CVICU about two weeks before us. Through our 11... Read More

  • Figuring Out Our New Normal

    Leah Davis / October 8, 2017

    I would be lying if I told you life was easy or even running smoothly right now. There are pressures and stresses that far surpass anything we've ever experienced in our lives coupled with... Read More

  • 3 Months Difference

    Leah Davis / September 27, 2017

    What a difference 3 months in the hospital makes! This is the 14 month old baby that was admitted to Rady's on July 4th (literally in the red shirt that was cut off of... Read More

  • During This Unpredictable Chapter, We Thank You

    Leah Davis / September 22, 2017

    There really are no words to adequately thank you. We have no doubt that you helped create this incredible miracle that allowed us to bring Blake home! It's a true testament of the positive... Read More

  • Time To Go Home!

    Leah Davis / September 18, 2017

    He did it! We're home!!! Read More

  • Rob, We Love You

    Leah Davis / September 15, 2017

    Today was not a birthday celebrated with things, but a great reminder of the things that matter. Rob Davis you are an AMAZING dad. We love you. Read More

  • Our New Reality

    Leah Davis / September 13, 2017

    Last night an oxygen machine and tanks were delivered to our home. They were met with mixed feelings. They represent a new reality and a different path for Blake, but also a sign that... Read More

  • It’s Not Easy But We Are Grateful

    Leah Davis / September 3, 2017

    It's been two months, or 9 weeks, or 62 days...but who's counting? Our little man is hanging in there and continues to amaze us each day. I hesitate to share such specific info, but think... Read More

  • Blake’s Bearded Dragon

    Leah Davis / September 3, 2017

    Our longtime friend sponsored this Bearded Dragon in Blake's name at the zoo in Prescott, AZ. As we've shared, the lizard is symbolic of regeneration and renewal, and we have deemed it Blake's spirit... Read More

  • Soccer Tournament In Honor Of Blake

    Leah Davis / August 26, 2017

    A special thank you to all the women that coordinated and played in the Children's Hospital soccer tournament in honor of Blake! He loves the trophy you earned for him and our family is... Read More

  • Slow And Steady

    Leah Davis / August 22, 2017

    Thank you for continuing to check in and keeping us in your thoughts. Over the last few weeks, Blakies has been undergoing physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and our favorite - music therapy.... Read More

  • Our Mini Mayor

    Leah Davis / August 14, 2017

    Meet the Mayor! This guy has been warming our hearts all week long. It's still so hard to wrap our heads around him having a severe lung/heart condition when he looks so good. He's come... Read More

  • Celebrating The Wins

    Leah Davis / August 5, 2017

    The winds can change direction at any given moment in this place, so we've become conditioned to be cautious of good news. That said, we also want to celebrate our progress and victories. So... Read More

  • In A Month’s Time

    Leah Davis / August 3, 2017

    Friends, It's been a month, and the ICU is still our home. We'd like to wake up and this not be real. Having a usual spot in the parking garage, knowing most staff by name... Read More

  • Week Three

    Leah Davis / July 25, 2017

    Team Blake, Today marks three weeks in this alternate universe. Our lil guy is proving to stay strong off ECMO, and we've had several calm, uneventful days which equate to good days for us. Blake... Read More

  • Our First Milestone

    Rob Davis / July 19, 2017

    Team Blake, We have conquered our first giant milestone. A few days ago the Dr's began weaning Blake off ECMO. They did a test by "clamping" off the machine to see if he could do... Read More

  • Capturing Moments That Turn Into Memories

    Leah Davis / July 17, 2017

    We appreciate all of your stories. They are so uplifting! Here's one of mine: Yesterday there was a little boy, maybe 2 years old, playing around outside the hospital. He had an IV drip line... Read More

  • All The Love For Station 24

    Leah Davis / July 16, 2017

    A few days ago we had a surprise visit from the first responders that saved Blake's life at the park. He now has a special SDFD shirt to wear with pride. Nothing but love... Read More

  • Lizard Symbolism

    Leah Davis / July 15, 2017

    Last week my Dad was telling us about this tiny baby lizard they keep seeing around their house. It's remarkably small and just zips about always making itself seen in the front and back... Read More

  • Keeping It Cool

    Rob Davis / July 15, 2017

    Walking the walk! Outside the hospital yesterday on the phone and I noticed a family with the hood up in their car. I asked if they needed anything and they told me that the car... Read More

  • Ways You Can Help

    Rob Davis / July 12, 2017

    Friends and family, we are not typically very public with our personal lives, but we really need your love. We are trying to survive an unimaginable journey that started when our precious 14 month... Read More