• Car Seat Park

    Make The World a Little Kinder

    Leah Davis / July 4, 2022

    Today marks five years since Blake first stopped breathing at our neighborhood park and this wild ride began. The rollercoaster has been both horrific and incredible. It’s one that we wish we never had... Read More

  • Lizard Square

    Wave of Kindness

    Leah Davis / April 23, 2022

    This story continues to be so special because the catalyst was simply one person talking openly about this amazing wave of kindness #ForBlake. I get chills thinking about these moments where each person, all... Read More

  • Laguna Park

    In It Together

    Leah Davis / April 22, 2022

    On this website we shared what makes a good deed – for us, there are two scenarios… It’s either a planned and intentional act of kindness/good deed, or it’s when you’re unexpectedly presented with... Read More

  • Blake Green Shirt

    Happy Heavenly Sixth Birthday

    Leah Davis / April 21, 2022

    Six years ago last night, we were out to dinner nearby with my sister and both sets of parents. “Where’s this baby?” “You’re not feeling any contractions yet?” Everyone was wondering when it would... Read More

  • Blake Sign

    Blake’s Banner

    Leah Davis / April 20, 2022

    This was really next level when the Meltons reached out to us. Not only were we humbled by the idea, but inspired that they could both support their son’s baseball team and spread Blake’s... Read More

  • Multiplying the Good Deeds

    Multiplying the Good Deeds

    Leah Davis / April 19, 2022

    In honor of Blake’s 6th Birthday, we are featuring six stand-out stories this week. We continue to be blown away by people’s participation, good deeds and random acts of kindness – especially when the... Read More

  • Lizard Square

    A Minivan Mishap

    Leah Davis / April 18, 2022

    It’s Blake’s birthday week and in honor of what would be his 6th birthday, we’d like to share six good deeds (new and old) that have left a lasting impression. Let’s kick it off... Read More

  • Stroll Smoovie Collage

    A Stroll and a Smoovie

    Leah Davis / January 2, 2022

    Our family took a nice long stroll today along the coast. With each train passing by we made sure to stop and wave. We decided to cruise a little further to get a “smoovie,”... Read More

  • Born to Be a Hero Shirt

    I Love You Smoochie

    Leah Davis / January 2, 2022

    Every New Year we are met with surviving January 2nd – the heaviest day on our hearts. Today I awoke to a soggy pillow, but our family plans to spend the day finding ways... Read More

  • Christmas stocking

    Sending Love This Holiday

    Leah Davis / December 8, 2021

    This year, like last year and the one before, we’re very contemplative about the holidays and Christmas in particular. On one hand, we push ourselves to prepare a festive, special, memorable day filled with... Read More

  • A Gift at Taekwondo

    Leah Davis / November 24, 2021

    Scarlett has been taking Taekwondo for a little over a year now. It’s been good for her for so many reasons – the discipline, the skills, new friendships, the encouragement to do and be... Read More

  • baby photo

    A Favorite Picture

    Leah Davis / October 1, 2021

    One of my favorite pics of this guy – 5 years ago today. Love this smiley meatball always and forever. #forevergrateful #ForBlake #iloveyousmoochie Read More

  • National Sons Day

    Leah Davis / September 28, 2021

    For National Sons Day it’s only right to share the beautiful face of our special boy that continues to share his light in this world and bring us new perspective every day. Love you... Read More

  • virtual art show

    Virtual Art Show Success

    Leah Davis / May 31, 2021

    A special thank you to my sister and to everyone that claimed some of her art and photography last month. Her intentions as a good deed for Blake’s birthday were to find good homes... Read More

  • The Kindness List Keeps Growing

    Leah Davis / May 13, 2021

    Friends – We want to say thank you and acknowledge how amazing, inspiring and powerful this community #ForBlake has become. We still don’t know what to make of all that’s happening, but we are... Read More

  • Heart Full From Special Interactions

    Leah Davis / May 3, 2021

    On Blake’s birthday, as planned, Rob and I went to donate blood. That was our own personal good deed to honor Blake and help fill our hearts that day. We know all too well... Read More

  • Sharing Our Story on a Podcast

    Leah Davis / April 21, 2021

    A few weeks ago we were contacted to participate in something we had never done before… a podcast. This was an opportunity to share Blake’s story in a conversational, long format with a trusted... Read More

  • Donating Blood #ForBlake

    Leah Davis / April 16, 2021

    Friends and family – we are blown away by the level of interest and action taken for our sweet Blake this month. Our hope was to get 5 people to give a gift of... Read More

  • Friendly Lizard

    A Friendly Lizard

    Leah Davis / April 10, 2021

    This friendly lizard hung out under the stroller for quite a while today. I thought for sure when I opened the screen it would scurry. It didn’t. And when I went to load baby... Read More

  • Blake 5 Yr BDay

    5 Year Birthday

    Leah Davis / April 2, 2021

    Blake’s birthday is upon us – April 21 – and this year he would be 5 years old. While we are committed to good deeds in his honor throughout the year, we try to... Read More

  • Jersey Mikes

    Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving

    Leah Davis / March 31, 2021

    Today is Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving. 100% of sales today are donated to Rady Children’s Hospital (if you’re in San Diego). When asked at the register if I’d like to make an additional... Read More

  • Davis Family

    Family of Five

    Leah Davis / February 24, 2021

    “Are we a family of four or a family of five?” Sometimes I don’t know how best to answer what seem like simple questions… This is Scarlett’s interpretation – the first drawing of our... Read More

  • Ramen Head

    Head for Ramen

    Leah Davis / February 19, 2021

    Kindness is contagious! A giant thank you to our friends at Ramen Head in Rockwall Texas. Despite Tommy and Tamara’s home being without power and keeping their little one warm and safe through these... Read More

  • Lead With Love

    Lead With Love

    Leah Davis / January 17, 2021

    As the world fights to figure everything out… I’ll be holding doors for strangers Letting people cut in front of me in traffic Saying good morning or greeting a passerby Keeping babies entertained in... Read More

  • Crack In The Track

    On Tough Days

    Leah Davis / January 11, 2021

    On tough days it’s really special to have this outlet #ForBlake. While we don’t get to spend time with him physically, we find ourselves fortunate to have a way to focus on and spend... Read More

  • never imagined

    Never Could Have Imagined

    Leah Davis / January 2, 2021

    On this anniversary of Blake’s passing, we remain saddened by our reality of life without him, humbled by your continued support and also overcome with gratitude for the incredible things that have come to... Read More

  • NYE


    Leah Davis / December 31, 2020

    On Christmas day at TCH, we had a knock on our glass wall in the ICU. A mother, father and shy little girl stood there hesitant to bother us. The mother said, “We don’t... Read More

  • A Complete Stranger

    A Complete Stranger

    Leah Davis / December 30, 2020

    On December 30th, two years ago today, we had one of the most unexpected and moving experiences of our lives…from a complete stranger. To me, it confirms that there is something very special, magical... Read More

  • Presents

    A Sincere THANK YOU

    Leah Davis / December 21, 2020

    A sincere THANK YOU to everyone that participated in the USPS Operation Santa with us this year, and also to those that found another way to spread some holiday cheer #ForBlake this holiday season.... Read More

  • memories

    New and Old Memories

    Leah Davis / December 18, 2020

    This time of year is particularly tough as Blake’s final chapter unfolded with us through the holidays. While we continue to work on making new memories – we feel the weight of some of... Read More

  • Rainbow

    Rainbow Baby

    Leah Davis / December 15, 2020

    This new year we look forward to meeting and introducing our little Rainbow Baby. This special little girl will grow up never having met her extraordinary brother, but knowing him as both a guardian... Read More

  • Gifts

    Special Gifts

    Leah Davis / December 5, 2020

    Some of you might remember at Blake’s memorial, a friend surprised us with an unexpected gift (with many of you as contributors) – a celebration tile at Rady Children’s Hospital. While we lived at... Read More

  • Operation Santa

    USPS Operation Santa

    Leah Davis / December 3, 2020

    Ok friends, can you help us spread some holiday cheer #ForBlake?! 🎅 🌲 🎁 ✨🦎 We will absolutely be missing our little boy’s smile this Christmas, but love the idea of lighting up other... Read More

  • Dr. Laura

    Dr. Laura

    Leah Davis / November 25, 2020

    Some days there are just no words. We’re a little behind here, but still speechless and overcome with gratitude. A few weeks ago there was a surge of people joining this group and more... Read More

  • Healing Lizard

    A Healing Lizard

    Leah Davis / November 20, 2020

    Last night I came home from a long day to Scarlett meeting me on the front patio. “Mama, I have to show you something” she said. “There’s a lizard on the bench that’s not... Read More

  • CHOC

    Balboa Yacht Club Regatta for CHOC

    Leah Davis / November 7, 2020

    About a week ago, a longtime friend of the family reached out to us with an unexpected request. Balboa Yacht Club in Corona Del Mar, of which they are a member, is holding a... Read More

  • Holloween


    Leah Davis / October 31, 2020

    Halloween requires us to dig a little deeper in our attempts to maintain some sense of normalcy for our family. The thing is, we have a void that will never be normal. We regularly... Read More

  • Firefighters

    Cupid for Firefighters

    Leah Davis / September 10, 2020

    This is an easy way to help our fire fighters ✨ We are typically hesitant to share things that involve money because we appreciate that all of your good deeds take different shapes or... Read More

  • Unexpected Kindness

    Another “Blake Moment”

    Leah Davis / August 8, 2020

    Earlier this week, I was sitting on the couch and the front door swung open. Rob said, “Get in the car, Mama, we’re going to look for a kid.” I quickly got my shoes... Read More

  • The Sky’s the Limit

    Leah Davis / July 4, 2020

    On 4th of July, three years ago, our little family of four picked up sandwiches and took them to a neighborhood park for an afternoon picnic. We left that park frantically in an ambulance,... Read More

  • NYNY

    Ready to Hear Something Beyond Incredible?

    Leah Davis / June 17, 2020

    Are you ready to hear something beyond incredible? I have been at a loss for words since news of this broke, but our designs have been sent – so it’s happening!!!! The same outdoor... Read More

  • Be The Reason

    Be The Reason

    Leah Davis / June 3, 2020

    We are all carrying such heaviness right now. People’s hearts are breaking and our country is wounded. There is no easy solution, but some fundamentals of humanity could help make a difference. Do something... Read More

  • Bringing Light with #ForBlake Billboards

    Leah Davis / April 7, 2020

    Last month, the CEO of one of our outdoor media partners from work read about Blake’s story. It resonated enough that he took the time to personally reach out and wanted to support the... Read More

  • Before We Met Blake

    Leah Davis / April 1, 2020

    This video was taken 4 years ago today. Hadn’t met him yet, but Blake was very much alive in my belly – a mover and a shaker from the start. Had no idea how... Read More

  • Another Special Angel

    Leah Davis / March 14, 2020

    I’ve been fairly quiet over the last few months. Not a day has passed that I’m not grateful for the momentum and growth around Blake’s story and legacy. It’s just that amid the development... Read More

  • Rob’s Hometown Spreading The Movement

    Leah Davis / January 25, 2020

    Ok, people. I am beside myself. Yesterday the journalist from Lansing State Journal (the major paper from where Rob grew up) shared the article she wrote and published. What we found out later in... Read More

  • Santa’s Magic

    Leah Davis / January 16, 2020

    There’s been a lot going on in our world over the last month or so. Many distractions from our grief over the holidays, some good – others not. But before too much time passes,... Read More

  • #ForBlake Making Headlines!

    Leah Davis / January 14, 2020

    Never thought Blake’s story would ever be among headlines like this. Further proof we need more kindness and good deeds #ForBlake in the world. Check out our interview from NPR!! Link to audio here: Read More

  • A Day We Will Always Remember

    Leah Davis / December 9, 2019

    One year ago today, December 9, around 8am I was barely awake resting in bed, laid up from my hip surgery with limited mobility. My twilight state was abruptly interrupted by the door flying... Read More

  • Embracing Life’s Journey One Day At A Time

    Leah Davis / December 2, 2019

    I have two really special children - it’s just that one is alive, and the other is not. Yet, I’m still learning from them both every day. These pictures were taken exactly one year apart... Read More

  • Holidays Are Hard, But Blake’s Presence Is Always With Us

    Leah Davis / November 28, 2019

    I’ve struggled with the idea of the holidays for more than a month now. My anticipatory anxiety of trick-or-treating with one child, sitting at a table giving thanks with an empty seat or opening... Read More

  • Thankful For Blake

    Leah Davis / November 28, 2019

    What to do for Thanksgiving was particularly tough this year. We considered ditching tradition, going away, ignoring it - but there was no right answer. The desire to escape the potential sadness of this... Read More

  • 415 Pajamas For Blake

    Leah Davis / October 23, 2019

    We had the privilege of personally donating all of the kids pajamas collected at Blake’s memorial. A big and sincere THANK YOU to each of you that contributed to the cause with Blake in... Read More

  • Overflowing With Generosity

    Leah Davis / October 13, 2019

    This is what the kids pajama donation table looked like by the end of Blake’s memorial. This is two 6’ tables side by side, with no remaining possibilities of organization. It was just overflowing... Read More

  • Thank You For A Day We’ll Never Forget

    Leah Davis / October 6, 2019

    We’ve spent the last week reflecting on how special of a day we had last Sunday. Because we didn’t have a traditional service, we’ve spent months dreaming up what an appropriate memorial could look... Read More

  • Join Us For Blake’s Celebration Of Life

    Leah Davis / September 21, 2019

    Hello Team Blake, We are looking forward to seeing many of you next Sunday, 9/29 for Blake’s celebration of life. If you are still interested in coming, but haven’t RSVP’d - please just let us... Read More

  • In Moments Where You Have A Choice, Choose To Be Kind

    Leah Davis / September 14, 2019

    Many of you have done such thoughtful and creative good deeds inspired by Blake’s story. For some, doing good things comes easy. For others, good people with huge hearts, finding a good deed might... Read More

  • Milestones Bring Mixed Feelings

    Leah Davis / September 4, 2019

    We appropriately planned for a morning of mixed feelings. Emotions at both ends of the spectrum are the norm for milestones or experiences that would be a first. Today our sweet Scarlett was so... Read More

  • A Good Fortune

    Leah Davis / July 22, 2019

    Scarlett’s fortune today. Yes, we will do them always... #ForBlake Read More

  • “What about April 21?”

    Leah Davis / July 22, 2019

    Tonight Scarlett picked out a bedtime story and left us speechless. She chose a book given to her before she was born by my dear friend Cady. We haven’t seen it in months as... Read More

  • Forever Changed, But Forever Grateful

    Leah Davis / July 2, 2019

    Anniversaries, milestones and holidays are tough, and this week we’re plagued by two. Today marks six months since Blake passed, and Thursday (4th of July) is two years since this nightmare began. It’s been... Read More

  • Bonded By Blake

    Leah Davis / June 17, 2019

    Back in January, just two days after Blake passed (we were still in Houston), I received a message from a stranger. He thanked me for the snacks and the lizard. I had no idea... Read More

  • Cookie Pizza

    Unexpected Signs That Filled Our Hearts

    Leah Davis / June 1, 2019

    I haven’t felt Blake’s presence much lately or seen many signs. His reminders and people’s good deeds often fuel my heart, especially when things are tough, and it’s been nearing empty. Things surely haven’t... Read More

  • Thank You For The Memories, Lessons, And Love

    Leah Davis / April 21, 2019

    Three years ago today we were blessed with you... You opened our eyes, brightened our spirits and filled our hearts beyond measure. You helped us experience the greatest of joys, and through the darkest of... Read More

  • Wishes For Blake’s 3rd Birthday

    Leah Davis / April 18, 2019

    Emotions are running high this week. Not only has it been 3 months since we lost our beautiful boy and a piece of our souls, but this Sunday 4/21 (Easter) is Blake’s birthday. He... Read More

  • He’s Always With Us

    Leah Davis / April 13, 2019

    Having brand new experiences with Scarlett seem to be easier than things we’ve always done together. When following routine or going on outings that are typical for us it’s like we’re haunted by a... Read More

  • Humbled And Heart-Warmed

    Leah Davis / April 11, 2019

    For nearly the last 10 years I have been a proud member of the San Diego Suicide Prevention Council. This ever-expanding group is like an extended family, in the trenches together with an important... Read More

  • Home Away From Home

    Leah Davis / April 6, 2019

    When we first arrived at Rady’s we were offered the option of staying across the street at the Ronald McDonald House. At this point Blake was on life support and we knew we were... Read More

  • Blake’s Special Toys

    Leah Davis / March 27, 2019

    Today marks 3 months. Three. Long. Unbelievable. Months. We don’t often play with some of Blake’s special toys, but tonight seemed like an appropriate time to bring out the squishy collection. Man he loved... Read More

  • A Sweet Surprise

    Leah Davis / March 27, 2019

    Guess what we just found in Blake’s room?! Not that we love the idea of random reptiles roaming our place, but this guy brought some big smiles. Coincidentally, this just happened when Rob and Scarlett... Read More

  • Moana – More Than A Movie

    Leah Davis / March 23, 2019

    Over the last few months we’ve connected with another family at Rady’s. Similar to what our situation would have been in Houston, they are far away from family and their support in Hawaii. Their... Read More

  • Community Serve Day #ForBlake

    Leah Davis / March 16, 2019

    It’s been several weeks since this event took place and yet I find myself thinking about it every day. I’m continually blown away that this was all organized by people who don’t even know us... Read More

  • A Special Auntie’s Birthday

    Leah Davis / February 14, 2019

    Happy birthday to an Auntie that has given an immeasurable amount of time, energy and love. Your strength, support and care have shown no bounds. Thank you for being you, for being so special... Read More

  • Good Deeds Spread To Utah

    Leah Davis / February 5, 2019

    I am writing in this moment with the biggest smile on my face. A long-time friend that goes back to my college days reached out to me tonight. She told me that her husband... Read More

  • One Month

    Leah Davis / February 2, 2019

    It’s been a month since I’ve heard your sweet little voice and you reached out to hold my hand. It’s been a month since you told me, “I wuv you” and lit up the room... Read More

  • A Reminder Of How Precious Life Is

    Leah Davis / January 31, 2019

    Yesterday Blake’s oxygen concentrator, tanks and medical monitors were picked up. We hated the day the equipment arrived at our home, and yet never imagined it could be more painful to watch it leave. Read More

  • His Spirit Is Always Surrounding Us

    Leah Davis / January 15, 2019

    Blake was born on the day Prince died - 4/21/16. I was in labor when I got a text from my coworker, and fanatic, that we should name him Prince. Coincidentally, the first color... Read More

  • Choose Kindness

    Leah Davis / January 10, 2019

    Yesterday I went for a pedicure. It was my first attempt at self-care, but thought I’d enjoy just sitting in silence for an hour. I got a woman I’ve had once before but didn’t... Read More

  • Our Shining Light

    Leah Davis / January 9, 2019

    And especially in the last year and a half... I love you Rob Davis. Now and for the rest of our lives it will be our mission to keep the kindness and positivity alive in... Read More

  • Blake, You Will Forever Be In Our Hearts

    Leah Davis / January 3, 2019

    We are so humbled by the outpouring of love and support. This has been the most unimaginable ride, and we wouldn’t have made it to this point without you and the absolute beauty you’ve... Read More

  • Sudden Turn Calls For The Power Of Positive Energy

    Leah Davis / January 2, 2019

    Team Blake, There’s too much happening and no time to process it, much less communicate it. Blake’s heart function is declining more rapidly than before. We have an emergent intervention tomorrow that is risky but... Read More

  • A Million Thank Yous

    Leah Davis / December 31, 2018

    We first want to thank so many of you who are helping us to stay positive and strong through thoughts, prayers, messages etc. And to those who have contributed to Blake’s GoFundMe account, or... Read More

  • Leah’s Little Helper

    Rob Davis / December 30, 2018

    Leah found a great physical therapist here in Houston. Read More

  • Trying to remain a sense of “normal”

    Leah Davis / December 29, 2018

    Here are some pictures of our sweet boy since we’ve been here at TCH. And here’s what we’ve heard: ▪️“He looks better than every kid here, but is probably the sickest one on the floor.” ▪️“He has... Read More

  • We Believe

    Leah Davis / December 24, 2018

    BELIEVE. #forevergrateful #forblake #teamblake #webelieveinmiracles Read More

  • Kindness From Strangers

    Leah Davis / December 24, 2018

    Just received this in a blank envelope from someone I don’t know. Kindness for strangers and belief in miracles. Imagine that. There are angels among us. ??❤️✨ Read More

  • This Chapter Is Going To Take More Than A Village

    Leah Davis / December 23, 2018

    Each day we put on the armor of a warrior, but I’d be lying if I said we aren’t scared. We have moments, sometimes days feeling very broken. If I am totally honest, right... Read More

  • Safe Arrival To Houston

    Leah Davis / December 22, 2018

    There has been A LOT going on this week, and we haven’t had a minute to collect our thoughts, much less process them. The amount of logistics piled on top of the poor health... Read More

  • For Now, We Wait

    Leah Davis / December 15, 2018

    Thank you for the outpouring of love and support. This week has been incomprehensible. We are just in disbelief of the situation we’re in. Blake is doing extremely well. He’s not on oxygen, not... Read More

  • More Questions Than Answers

    Leah Davis / December 12, 2018

    Team Blake - we need you. We’ve just stepped back onto the rollercoaster and could use your love, positivity, support and prayers. Blake stopped breathing again Sunday morning. We had hoped to never repeat the... Read More

  • Scarlett’s Endless Love

    Leah Davis / December 2, 2018

    Our little girl is our hero today. She’s so in tune with everything going on, I often worry about how it affects her. Last night she woke us up in the middle of the... Read More

  • Donors Make Miracles

    Leah Davis / November 27, 2018

    This is a tough conversation every time we have it. Our medical team keeps us informed that it’s a possibility Blake may require a lung transplant one day, and we need to be proactive... Read More

  • Our Boy

    Leah Davis / November 20, 2018

    THIS. ?❤️ Hope #forblake #teamblake #lizardsymbolism #regenerationandrenewal #powerofpositivity Read More

  • Two Extraordinary Little Boys

    Leah Davis / November 18, 2018

    Rob took Blake to get labs this past week. With each hospital visit, we tell Blake we are going to see some friends. There are so many special connections at Rady’s, between living there... Read More

  • McHalloween

    Leah Davis / October 31, 2018

    Thankful for every new memory made with this bunch. Happy Halloween ? #forevergrateful #forblake Read More

  • Forever Grateful For Station 24

    Leah Davis / October 14, 2018

    Today is the first wear for this awesome shirt. We had no idea that first responders did things like this, but man was it special. When Blake was originally revived, the medics delivered us... Read More

  • The Little Moments That Mean The Most

    Leah Davis / August 6, 2018

    And after 30 loooong days, we got to hold our baby boy. Some moments we hope not to remember. Special moments like these, we hope to never forget. Read More

  • A True Turning Of The Tides

    Leah Davis / August 3, 2018

    August 3rd. Last year this was extubation day. A great day for most people in this situation, another gut-wrencher for our family. While there was still a handful of notable stories we haven’t shared,... Read More

  • 181 Toys Donated!

    Leah Davis / July 30, 2018

    Please accept our sincerest thank yous and let your hearts be warmed. YOU GUYS - 181 TOYS DONATED TO THE CVICU TODAY!!! These toys will produce thousands of smiles to kids in some of... Read More

  • Broken Spirits Lifted Thanks To All Of You

    Leah Davis / July 18, 2018

    Hearing this guy say, “I love you” (or I should say “wuv ooh”) melts my heart each day. Not a day passes without feeling lucky that we get to experience each of these moments... Read More